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How to create an Access token from Square?
How to create an Access token from Square?

Learn how to create an Access token to initiate the migration process for Square

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Follow the steps below to get the Access token of Square.

Step 1: Sign in to the Square Developer Portal => using your Square credentials.

Step 2: Click the + button to create an application (in the dialog box icons, select the options you want).

Step 3: If you were not automatically redirected to the settings page, click the Open button (see image above). On the settings page, note if Sandbox or Production is selected.

Step 4: Scroll down and find the Sandbox/Production Access token and click the Show button to show the token itself.

Step 5: Copy the token and paste it into the appropriate field on the MigrationPro connection page. Then click the "Check connection" button to establish the connection.

*Remember, our support team is available to assist you should you encounter any difficulties during this process. Happy migrating!

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