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How to get Shopline API Token?
How to get Shopline API Token?

In this article, you'll learn how to get API Token from Shopline

Updated over a week ago

To get an API Token from Shopline, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Shopline admin dashboard

  2. Click Apps->Develop Apps -> Enable Development -> Create An App

  3. Write the name of the app (You can name it whatever you want), select Apps Developers, and click Create an App

  4. Click Edit->Configuration(Integrate Admin API)

  5. Check all Checkboxes(make sure to scroll down and check all checkboxes) then click Save

  6. Go to the API certificate and Click Install App

  7. Click the eye icon

  8. Click Send

  9. Solve the puzzle(You need to replace the missing puzzle piece with the correct place by dragging the arrow)

  10. Write the verification code that has been sent to your mail, then click Complete

  11. Copy the Admin API access token and paste it into the Access Token field on the MigrationPro connect page and click Check connection

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