The API key is used to authenticate applications with the Shopify's API.

Once the API key is set up for your account, applications will be able to access and read your data, like adding new products, updating orders, and more.

This article will show you how to find your Shopify API Key for starting migration.

Getting API key from Shopify Admin panel

  • First, log into your Shopify admin panel, go to Apps Menu. Then click Settings button.

  • Now just click Apps and sales channels then Develop apps for your store button.

  • Click Allow custom app development button

  • Choose Create app button

  • Click Configure Admin API scopes button then select all Permissions “Read” and “Write” and save it.

  • In this area click API credentials then Install app button

  • Finally all process is completed, now just click Reveal token once button, and copy API key then paste it in necessary field.

  • Congratulations, connection is established successfully with Shopify store.

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