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Uploading connector file to PrestaShop store
Uploading connector file to PrestaShop store

In this article, you'll learn how to upload connector file to your PrestaShop store

Updated over a week ago

The Connector file is the best way to connect your shopping carts for starting migration. So for it, need to place the "mp_connector" folder in the root directory of the PrestaShop store.

How to use

  1. Download the mp_connector file from your migration tool.

  2. Then unzip it and upload the entire mp_connector folder into your PrestaShop store’s root folder using FileZilla Client or cPanel.

3. Access your_store_url/mp_connector/connector.php. You will get a Connector successfully installed message if it was uploaded successfully.

If you have any problems using the mp_connector, read how you can fix this issue or contact our support team.

*When you upload the mp_connector to your web server, you are giving our migration tool permission to access and read data from your store.

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