If you want to upgrade the Entity Limit to a higher plan, all you need to do is pay the difference in pricing between your current plan and the one you want. For example: your current Entity Limit is 12,000 at $219, you are going to upgrade to 22,000 Entity Limit at $279. So the amount you need to pay is: 279 – 219 = 60 USD.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order for the Entity Limit upgrade to go properly:

1. Calculate the price difference between the current plan and the next plan.

2. Purchase this Migration Customization Service with the price difference and the option “Upgrade Entity Limit”.

Once all of the conditions are met, your migration tool's Entity Limit will be automatically upgraded to the new selected plan.

If you have trouble upgrading the Entity Limit, we suggest you submit a ticket from your Account Dashboard. Let our experts check your order and upgrade the Entity Limit for you.

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