Shopify has two order status types: Payment status and Fulfillment status. Both of these provide a set of information that can be used to understand your customer's purchase more fully.

Payment status

The payment status shows the latest state of your payments. You can only edit the order's payment status once it has been created. Valid values are:

  • Pending: Orders with a Payment pending status haven't been fully paid for. Double check to confirm whether or not the payments have been successfully processed.

  • Authorized: The payments have been authorized.

  • Partially paid: If only part of the full value is paid, all orders are partially paid until they are fully paid.

  • Paid: The payment has been paid in full.

  • Partially refunded: The payments have been partially refunded.

  • Refunded: The payments have been refunded.

  • Voided: The payments have been voided.

Fulfillment status

The order’s status in terms of fulfilled line items. Valid values are:

  • Fulfilled: When your order is fulfilled, it means that all items in the order have been completed.

  • Null/Unfulfilled: An order is considered null or unfilled if none of the order items has been fulfilled.

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